minimalist life


From Trinity:  If you asked me 2 years ago if I could live in a tiny space with minimal things I would quickly say " Hell No! I LOVE my stuff too much!" 

full time rv couple

" Imagine a life of less... a life of passion unencumbered by the trappings of the chaotic world around you.. imagine an intentional life.  It's not a perfect life, it's not always an easy life... but its a simple and happy one. "  -The Minimalist Imagine a life where you know where every single item is in your home.  Imagine your house being clean all of the time.  Wow, that seemed like a DREAM life to me, seriously who lives that way!?  The concept of minimalism felt so distant and unachievable.  I would say "that's just not me".  I was busy working 7 days a week, busy filling the house with things that I thought would make me happy.. and yes, it did.. but it wasn't the deep happiness I was looking for.  

kermit and trinity

FAST FORWARD >> I'm currently writing you from our 280 square foot home on wheels overlooking a lake and living the life we've carved out and created for ourselves.  We just watched the documentary MINIMALISM on Netflix, it's a documentary about the important things in life.  I instantly want everyone to watch it and understand why we are living the life we are and to be able to relate.  I've realized this past year that a simple life is it, and stuff is not the answer for me.  

Kermit made an excellent point.. he said " Live life like a dog!" They don't need much of anything except shelter, food and love"... this was very profound to me as I quickly started thinking about "but I NEED this.. and I NEED that...  I had to ask myself " Do you really need 4 curling irons, do you really need 5 pair of brown boots.. and so on."  

So, we did it.  We traded our stuff for experiences to create a life that makes us feel rich on minimal money.  We have come to realize the value of time vs. money.  We don't want to live to work, if we keep our expenses low we can keep our experiences high.  Was it easy making the transition out of a 4 bedroom house full of anything we wanted down to 280 feet?  NO WAY!  Was it worth it?  HELL YES!!   


living full time in rv

"Love people and use things, because the opposite never works"  - The Minimalist