Come on in! Wipe your feet at the door and take a tour of our 280 square feet of living space that we now call HOME! We've done many renovations (before and afters coming in another blogpost)   Our home is a 35' 2009 Keystone Fuzion Toy Hauler.  The rear 10 feet is a garage for our motorcycles and kayaks.  We're hauling this beast with a Chevy 3500 duramax diesel with Allison Transmission.  We've done alot to beef up both (we'll get into that another day) 


rv renovation
rv 5th wheel renovation
rv boho decor
camper renovation
kermit and trinity rv
kermit and trinity
rv decor
camper renovation
kermit and trinity
camper led lights rv
rv renovation
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5th wheel renovation
kermit and trinity rv
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camper renovation diy
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full time rv living
full time rv living
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office in rv camper diy
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rv office diy
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rv kitchen renovation
rv kitchen makeover
rv kitchen makeover
5th wheel camper renovation
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rv makeover diy
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toy hauler with bikes in garage
5th wheel toy hauler with bikes in garage
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toy hauler rv with bikes in garage
toy hauler rv living
living in toy hauler rv

LEAVE US COMMENTS BELOW!!!! >>>>>>  We would love to hear your feedback!  Did you do renovations to your RV?  Could you see yourself living like this?  Do you camp alot and have cool places for us to check out?  Let us know!   THANKS SO MUCH FOR STOPPING BY AND SAYING HI! 


There's something really great about moving forward, finding the deal you were looking for, purchasing your first home (even if it does have wheels) but there's something way greater than that, meeting new friends and making a wonderful connection.  

Keep reading, it will all make sense

Mr. Shannon & Mrs. Arla, our new friends. 

Mr. Shannon & Mrs. Arla, our new friends. 

If you've been following, I announced a bit ago that Kermit and I are headed West for a bit for a long adventure.  Our plans were to move into a house on the California Coast. The more we thought about it we were unsure of how long we'd want to be in that location and knew we'd still have wanderlust and always looking to the next hot spot to travel to and check out.  With that travel bug in mind we decided instead of signing a lease for a year on a home we would just purchase an RV and dive into "tiny house living" on the wide open road across America (mainly out West).  I'm happy to announce after wayyyyyy too much research we finally found our rig and it's our very first home purchase as husband and wife!  I saw the listing, we toured it just hours later, and 3 days later it was ours and in our drive way.  This just happened 2 nights ago and we're still in shock!  hahah.  We couldn't have bought it from better folks who we will now call friends.  They both share a love for adventure and travel and have been so many places in their lives, it's truly been an inspiration connecting with them.  I feel like everything lined up and worked out exactly as it should have.  (As much as I wanted to be impatient and give up sometimes on our search).  

So, here it is! Our Rig... our new home.. our tiny home.. our first real home that's ours.  I can hardly wait to get my crafty hands on it and trick it out with personal touches.  <Stay tuned for a peek inside>  It's 35ft long and the back 10feet is a garage, it's a Toy Hauler so we can load our motorcycles and carry them with us on this journey. It's quite a shock to work on transitioning from 2500 square feet with garages down to 280 square feet of living space!!!  When I got the word "simplify" tattooed on my arm last year I never knew I would execute that to this extreme but it's feeling awesome and I cannot wait to share more about this journey of living simple, making the best of time and trading stuff for experiences. It's definitely emotional and exciting.

kermit and trinity
full time rv

Standing in our new tiny 10x8ft garage.  The first thing Kermit did was roll my dual sport in here and I've gotta tell ya... it's beyond awesome to sit on our new couch, look at our kitchen and see our motorcycles at the same time!! I yelled "WHOA! YOU JUST DROVE MY BIKE INTO OUR HOUSE!!! Hahaha.. Tiny house living will have its perks.  

The previous owners saying goodbye..... &nbsp;We promise to carry on the adventure :)

The previous owners saying goodbye.....  We promise to carry on the adventure :)

Thanks so much for following along with us on this journey.   Feel free to leave comments below! We'd love to hear from you.

I also want to tell you that this is not a far fetched dream, so don't have in your mind your entire life, "Wow, wish I could do that." Here's the truth, our new home cost LESS THAN MY CAR! So, get out there and adventure!

Don't make excuses :)  LIVE YOUR LIFE.