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Come on in! Wipe your feet at the door and take a tour of our 280 square feet of living space that we now call HOME! We've done many renovations (before and afters coming in another blogpost)   Our home is a 35' 2009 Keystone Fuzion Toy Hauler.  The rear 10 feet is a garage for our motorcycles and kayaks.  We're hauling this beast with a Chevy 3500 duramax diesel with Allison Transmission.  We've done alot to beef up both (we'll get into that another day) 


rv renovation
rv 5th wheel renovation
rv boho decor
camper renovation
kermit and trinity rv
kermit and trinity
rv decor
camper renovation
kermit and trinity
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5th wheel renovation
kermit and trinity rv
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full time rv living
full time rv living
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office in rv camper diy
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rv kitchen makeover
5th wheel camper renovation
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rv makeover diy
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toy hauler with bikes in garage
5th wheel toy hauler with bikes in garage
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toy hauler rv with bikes in garage
toy hauler rv living
living in toy hauler rv

LEAVE US COMMENTS BELOW!!!! >>>>>>  We would love to hear your feedback!  Did you do renovations to your RV?  Could you see yourself living like this?  Do you camp alot and have cool places for us to check out?  Let us know!   THANKS SO MUCH FOR STOPPING BY AND SAYING HI! 


[ From Trinity ]

It took weeks to organize and throw even more stuff out! 

It took weeks to organize and throw even more stuff out! 

It's surreal. Are we really doing this? ... Did we really just get rid of 95% of our belongings? ... Are we living in 280 square feet, like all the time!? ...   YEP!!! IT'S HAPPENING!! I kept asking myself this for a while after we moved out of the house!  It kept feeling like we were just camping on Kermit's brothers property and any moment we were just gonna go back home.   I had to finish out my wedding photography contracts ( shout out for // @trinitywalkerkeefer // ) here in York county Pa so we're all set to officially roll out October 2nd! 

I'm happy to report that we've settled in and it's going GREAT in the camper! StephenRiley (pup) loves it because we're so close together.  I thought I would go into shock going from a 4 bedroom house and 6 acres to 280 square feet but it actually feels quite cozy.  The other part is it's super manageable.  For instance we now know where to locate every single item in our new home.  When you're living this small  everything has to be organized which means no more junk drawers or mystery boxes hiding in closets. Bonus.. I can sweep our living room floor in about 33 seconds!!! hahah Winning! 

We've done SO MUCH prepping for this trip.  Just in the past 2 weeks here's what we've accomplished on top of working full time jobs:  ** we'll be doing a breakdown post of installing most of these items and why you need them for your RV along with tons more of how we've altered the truck and 5th wheel*** 

living in rv full time truck
  • Installed Inverter with inside wall mounted display  (takes DC power from your RV batteries and electronically changes it to AC)
  • 2 deep cell batteries
  • Outdoor shower hose for washing the doggie
  •  Banks speed brake for the truck to drastically help slow the truck and trailer down steep grades - safety first! 
  •  New front tires on truck
  •  Allison deep dish transmission pan for truck ( to keep transmission running cooler)
  •  Surge Guard surge protector with wall mount display (many camp grounds have unreliable power and this could save all of your electronics in your camper from frying! )
  •  Toilet flush valve (just because it was leaking on floor, yikes) 
  • Finished the backsplash in the kitchen with aluminum peel and stick tiles.  
  • Mounted knife magnet to hang our knives (because the knife block takes up half the counter!)
  • Installed storage with a tiny "kids dresser" from idea to hold office related items

We have done so much more to the camper and the truck to get ready for life on the road, we'll be doing an extensive post soon, stay tuned.  

full time rv living
full time rv living
toyhauler house
full time rv living
full time rv couple
StephenRiley gets to hang with his sister Lucy while we're here!  #twinning

StephenRiley gets to hang with his sister Lucy while we're here!  #twinning

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